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R Baker (Electrical) Ltd Solution-led electrical and mechanical services


R Baker (Electrical) Ltd is based in Liverpool (UK) and is internationally recognised as a leading UK manufacturer of power transformers, electrical transformer, electric motors rewinds, electrical installation, electronics, and bespoke support solutions.


As a company we bring together military (NSN, NATO), marine and industrial expertise to offer a comprehensive range of products and services that are complemented by a dedicated team providing an exemplary level of customer support.


R Baker (Electrical) Ltd is one of the leading transformer manufacturers in the UK. Our specialist electrical engineering team manufacture and repair a large range of electrical items including electrical transformers, reactors, marine transformers, electric motors rewinds, electrical coils, chokes and electronic refurbishment. We also provide a comprehensive maintenance and repair service for all your electric motors rewindsand transformer repairs, helping to keep your plant running smoothly 24 hours a day.



Our own in house design team and specialist engineers produce a wide range of transformers which include step up and step down transformers, isolation transformers and current transformers. Our transformers manufacturing department have the capability to produce electrical transformers ranging from 18VA to 500KVA, single phase transformers, and three phase transformers and have facilities to repair or rewind transformers and motors.


Working in accordance with both ISO 9001 and Achillies UVDB; quality and health and safety is at the core of all our products and services. To see our main site please click here.


Electrical maintenance


We compliment our outstanding manufacturing and repair service with a reliable Electrical Maintenance Service consisting of a wide range of electrical work including electrical installation and a 24hr reactive maintenance inspection and testing.


Our core business is with commercial and industrial properties including factories, shops, offices, bars and schools. Our fully trained Electrical Maintenance Team are specialists in the overhauling, cleaning and repairing all electrical equipment; working to NICEIC standards. This gives our Electrical Team the confidence to carry out a first class service every time.


Maintenance and repair

General electrical works

Transformer installation

Motor installation

Power supply installation

Fuse panel installation

Control panel installation

Overhaul of distribution transformers and AC/DC motors

Electrical installation

Remedial works & electrical fault finding

Installation of military equipment

Onsite electrical maintenance

Working to military or industry standards

Distribution board & earthing upgrades

Additional lighting and power







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We manufacture transformers from 18VA up to 1MVA, and have facilities to repair or rewind transformers up to 10MVA. Our technical team can help to design, modify and reverse engineer to your specification or agreed transformer design features. All our manufactured equipment can be supplied with full working drawings, component lists and written instructions in any language.


Our range

Air cooled transformers

Bespoke transformers

Step up transformers

Step down transformers

Current transformers


Isolation transformers

Earthing transformers

Epoxy cast resin encapsulated transformers

Harmonic current reduction transformers

Liquid cooled transformers (oil immersed)

Military transformers / NSN / NATO Transformers

Marine transformers

Offshore transformers

Bushing transformers

Single and three phase

Transformer-rectifier units

Winding configurations to Delta/Star, Interconnected Star, Auto Wound, Phase Shifted Scott & Tapped Delta

Current transformers

Transformers maintenance Programmes

Ministry of Defence transformers (a series and NSN / NATO).




Electric motor rewinds


Our motor management team offers a comprehensive maintenance and repair cover for all your electric motors, supplying and repairing AC/DC motor rewinds, overhauls and main field rewinds where necessary.

All rotating apparatus’ are given the individual attention they are required. All winding and rewinding is to a minimum of Class F (155oc), with all new bearing provided being the highest standard or to the customer's specification.

Machines are often kept in a very poor environment, something we appreciate and anticipate at every level of our work. Hence we are meticulous in our approach to cleaning, impregnation and finishing of electric plant equipment.



Our motor services

Rewind/overhaul all AC & DC motors

AC/DC commutator variable speed motor repair

AC & DC load testing

Pump repairs

Servo motor repair specialists

Full machine shop facilities

Locked rotor torque testing

Maintenance Consultation Services

On-site services



Other services


R Baker (Electrical) Ltd is a specialist electrical manufacturer and repairer based in Speke, Liverpool. Above you can see our range of electrical products which are manufactured from our purpose built facility based in the UK.

Our Electrical Manufacturing Division works across a wide range of industries and have serviced the Defence, Rail, Nuclear and Commercial Industry since 1981. Our electrical maintenance and electrical repair service are fully comprehensive.


R Baker (Electrical) Ltd works in accordance with ISO 9001, and been accredited by Achilles UVBD, and Ministry of Defence AQAP-1. Quality is at the core of all our electrical manufacturing services and our experience within electrical manufacturing and electrical repair offers our customers a first class service with short lead times and quick quote turn around.



Float Glass linear motor repair and manufacture

Fuse panels

Control panels

Frequency converters

AC/DC power supplies

Repair work



Bespoke Electrical work




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